Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Organic)

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Organic)

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Organic Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

We supply 100% organic Eucalyptus globulus oil to customers. It is extracted by means of the steam distillation process from the dried leaves and twigs of the plant. 


The aromatic tree of eucalyptus globulus belongs to the family Myrtaceae of the plant kingdom. It grows to a height of 150-180ft. This has a trunk that attains two-third of the total height of the plant. The leaves of the plant hang vertically or obliquely and appear leathery in texture. The flowers in the bud are covered with a cup-like structure.

Overview of Eucalyptus Globulus Oil

Eucalyptus globulus oil is also known as Oleum Eucalypti, Eucalypti Aetheroleum, etc. It is derived from the eucalyptus leaves through the steam distillation process by a eucalyptus essential oil manufacturer. During ancient times, aromatherapists have been using oil to treat muscular pain and respiratory problems.

Historical Uses

Historically, the oils from Eucalyptus globulus were used due to their medicinal properties. It has excellent analgesic and antiseptic properties.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (40%) Benefits

For the following benefitsthe eucalyptus oil suppliers offer the oil in bulk or retail

  • Being an effective decongestant, it is used to treat upper respiratory inflammations. Additionally, this is also used to treat bronchitis where the oil when inhaled, reaches the bronchioles and lungs and soothe chest infections and congestion.
  • When applied topically, it is used to treat acne, joint, and muscle pain.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Uses

  • It is used to make ointments or vaporubs meant for decongestion.
  • It is diffused for inhalation and mosquito-repelling purposes.
  • It is mixed in massage or aromatherapy blends.
  • Its steam is inhaled to clear the respiratory tract.