Organic May Chang Essential Oil

Organic May Chang Essential Oil

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Cubeb, botanically called Litsea Cubeba, is an evergreen shrub of the pepper family. It grows to a height of about 5–12 meters and belongs to the Lauraceae family. The plant is grown in moist soil and is specially cultivated for its seeds and essential oil. The leaves of this plant emit a pleasing citrus smell like lemon. The fruits of the plant are collected before they ripe and then dried.

Overview of Cubeb Essential Oil

Cubeb essential oil is strong, spicy, warm oil extracted from the dried seeds of the cubeb plant by using steam distillation method. The oil has a yellowish-green tinge and carries a strong scent of the camphor. It is extremely effective to tackle digestive, respiratory, and inflammation issues.

Benefits of Cubeb Essential Oil

• Cubeb essential oil is naturally imbued with antimicrobial, antiseptic, and astringent properties that helps in killing the harmful germs in the mouth.
• This essential oil relieves nasal and chest congestion caused by cold, cough, flu, and bronchitis.
• It is an effective remedy to treat muscle and joint pains.
• This oil is great in dealing with the digestive problems indigestion, tastelessness, flatulence, loss of appetite, etc.